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Wanita Cantik di Mata Pria

Wanita Cantik di Mata Pria
Wanita-wanita Berparas Menawan Hati


Hari Baik dari Senin sampai Minggu

Jakarta ( ContentKeren ) – Selamat Datang di Tempatnya Orang² Optimis. Banyak ahli astrologi yang membedah Hari dan  menterjemahkan ada Hari...

Collection of Indonesian Food and Beverage Recipes

Jakarta (ContentKeren) – You can still find traditional food vendors in Indonesia, who use wheelbarrows like the one below, only on the outskirts of Jakarta.

Now in Indonesia, food traders prefer to trade food and beverages in the form of restaurants or farming at the Food Court

Below are some Indonesian foods and beverages that are well known in foreign countries ...

This is part of the Indonesian Traditional Food and Beverage Recipes


Nasi Goreng
 or Fried Rice which is very well known in foreign countries, even the name abroad is still Nasi Goreng

Bubur Ayam or Rice With Spicy Chicken Soup, is a food that is usually served in the morning, during casual events

  • Beef Rendang (Padang Dish, Indonesia), a worldwide dish, originating from the city of Padang, Indonesia
  • Ayam Tauco (Chicken Cooked with Salted Yellow Beans), a dish that is truly regional, because it uses tauco spices that are not found outside Indonesia
  • Bakmi Goreng or Fried Egg Noodle which is also very well known abroad, in Germany the name is still Bakmi Goreng.
  • Bihun Goreng or Ricee Noodle is a healthy food substitute for rice. Usually a restaurant in Indonesia that offers Fried Noodles, of course Fried Vermicelli menu is also available. Because, the method of cooking is exactly the same as cooking Fried Bakmi, it's just that the main ingredients are different.
  • Coto Makassar, a traditional food of South Sulawesi, has been familiar in our archipelago. The relationship is much closed with soto babat (tripes soup) from Madura, soto Tegal, or soto Betawi because the seasoning consumed is almost similar but it is not remove special character of this food at all.
  • Soto Ayam or Chicken Soup, a soup with the main ingredient of chicken, is a soup that is well known throughout Indonesia, because each region has its own spices.
  • Soto Kudus, which originates from the city of Kudus, East Java, is a fresh soup, because at the end of the concoction, you will be given the juice of lime juice.
  • Soto Madura (Madura Soup), soto ini juga sangat khas, karena menggunakan rempah-rempah khas madura
  • Chicken Satay or Chicken Satay, when Obama came to Indonesia, became an ingredient ... a conversation, because Obama is fluent in explaining the traditional pedadang style accent of Chicken Satay ... ttee
  • Sate Kambing or Lamb Satay, in Indonesia is a food that is believed to make men stronger ... Lamb Satay with Tamarind Barbecue Sauce, Lamb Satay with Quick Satay Sauce Recipe, and Goat Satay - Sate Kambing

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